Our Story

Masdar comes from an idea I had at a young age, more like an observation.
While in Morocco, I would go to the hammam often, almost every week! There, I stayed hours with friends, chatting, laughing and sharing beauty secrets amongst gossips.

This is a ritual I had a hard time finding in Europe, where I lived for my studies. The only products I could find were irritating, copies or simply not as good as the natural ones I used in Morocco during my childhood.

I decided to create an international Brand powered by Moroccan beauty secrets, because in Morocco we're all about sharing, especially when it comes to selfcare!

Each of these products is tied to a memory and remind me, like my personal madeleine of Proust, of joyful moments in every part of the country.
While our first drop is the mythical Argan Oil, we will develop new products in-house that fit the need of the modern men and women.

Founder of Masdar.