How to get the best tan ever with argan oil?

Can you tan with argan oil? Short answer is, YES. Long answer is, you can tan better & longer while protecting your skin from bad UV rays, moisturizing it and avoid the annoying sticky sensation. From your terrace to a yacht ( Nella rose is that you?), you need this oil.

How to tan better and longer with argan oil

It suits all skin types & complexions.

No matter your skin type or complexion. Dry? Sweaty? Oily? Sensitive? We got you. If you're lucky enough to go to the beach or pool, you know the damaging effects of our favorite trio sun+ salt+ chlorine. With our Ghazaal drops, rest assured your skin will be prepared for the HEAT. Argan oil prevents sun damages, locks in moisture, assures constantly hydrated & happy skin.We love all complexions and want to protect melanin at all cost, but it requires a solid preparation for the long lasting tan of your dream. 

Your tan will be better & longer.

Hydration and healthy skin are key to a long lasting tan. By using our argan oil, your skin will not only feel as moisturized as ever but you'll also prevent shedding.
Packed with antioxidants -skin superhero-, we're here for a long time ( and a good time) to help you get the glorious long lasting tan without the sun damages that go with it. 

Easy & simple. 

Our oil is organic, non sticky and lightweight. Gone are the days where half of your tan oil ended up on your clothes. This one absorbs fast, tiny enough to put in your pouch and waterproof ( just in case).

1 oil, 3 uses.

Prepare the skin: Use Ghazaal drops regularly on your skin for 2-3 days before sun exposure.
Tanning oil:  Use a few drops of our argan oil on your skin during sun exposure.
Post-tan: Use our argan oil post shower alone or mixed with your usual body cream for extra hydration.


ps: dont forget sunscreen too ;)