How does Argan Oil help with acne ? SOS

Having pimples doesn't mean you don't take care of your skin or ate too much chocolate ! It can be your genetics, lifestyle or even stress-heavy periods that trigger these very painful pimples. 

Here's 3 ways Argan oil can be your ally against Acne :

1. Argan is a sebum-regulating oil 

Most Acne-prone skin are also oily skin and presents an unbalanced sebum production. Meaning, you'll see plenty of products like ' oil-balance' ' shine-control', which all help regulate sebum production to reduce acne. 
Argan naturally is a sebum-regulating oil. If used properly ( a few drops with your daily cream), it will help regulate your face oil production over time.

2. Argan is light-weight and will not clog pores 

Face oils can sometimes be scary as social media promotes this smooth, dry and shine less complexion. However, Argan is a very light-weight oil that could be compared to a dry oil. 
Argan helps ´reset´ aggressed skin, which produces more oil as a defense mechanism.
It will effectively retain the moisture your skin needs throughout the day without clogging or adding heaviness to your well rounded routine. 

3. Argan protects skin cells from free radical damage

Used in Morocco for centuries, Argan oil contains antioxidants, like polyphenols and vitamin E, which are known to brighten skin as well as protect skin cells from free radical damage. 
In simple terms, it will increase skin moisture and cell regeneration which will prevent breakout cycle from happening. 
One last word, remember consistency is key to see results ;) ( and use SPF always !).